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Vent and flare loss monitoring

Reduce product loss immediately on your vent- and flare system.

Hydrocarbon losses to a flare system, from varied sources such as pressure relief valves, ball valves, gate- and control valves, represent both an economic loss and a source of polluting emissions.

These uncontrolled product emissions, burnt via the flare, typically represent a significant product loss. As an alternative to installing expensive flare-gas recovery units, an effective vent and flare loss monitoring program can deliver substantial improvements.

Your ROI

Applying the ultrasonic leak detection technique to all flare-connected equipment provides a full picture of the leaking equipment connected to the flare system.

Quantifying the amount of internal product loss in these valves is essential to determine the appropriate action. Repairing this small number of large leaks results in an important return on investment, typically well within a year.