Tank storage

Reduced downtime, reduced costs. Intero Integrity Services has developed a unique award winning solution to inspect tank bottoms without the need to shut down the tank, clean it and enter it for inspection.

Traditional services require the tanks to be fully emptied for tank bottom inspection, resulting in a loss of production time as well as additional costs associated with engineers entering the tank to carry out maintenance. We have developed tools and technologies to avoid these negative impacts on your business operations. We offer an innovative online ultrasonic tank bottom inspection solution by means of robots.

Intero Involvement in Tank Farms

For tanks containing sludge we offer an online sludge profiling inspection by means of acoustic measurements.

Reduced downtime, reduced costs

Both these unique and highly innovative solutions provide you the opportunity to maximize the availability of tour assets, avoid downtime, save significant costs and maximize safety.

Market brochure - Non-man entry Tank Inspection

Storage tanks should be regularly inspected. Until now, they have normally been taken out of service for inspections like tank bottom corrosion assessments and settlement inspections. But why open the tank for inspection when its integrity can perfectly well be determined during operation?

Market brochure - Non-man entry Tank Inspection
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