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Turnaround acceleration services

Guarantee fast and safe production startup during the full turnaround process.

We offer a series of dedicated inspection services addressing the specific challenges of a turnaround.

When to execute turnaround inspections

Some inspection activities are executed before shutdown to identify the components that need further maintenance. To speed up the installation activities, some inspections are done during turnaround. Leak detection is also done after startup of production to minimize leaks and incidents.

Turnaround inspections techniques

Depending on the specifics of the production installation and the objectives of the turnaround, we applies the following techniques:

  • Ultrasonic inspection of steam lines and flare or vent lines, pressure relief valves or internal passing valves
  • Ultrasonic leak detection of all opened equipment resulting in a fast and accurate detection that replaces time-consuming and inaccurate soap tests or expensive helium tests
  • Wall thickness measurements of pipes or walls
  • Thermographic surveys of furnaces, cooling equipment, process components, electrical installations, under insulation components, underground pipelines, etc…
  • Leak detection with gas camera or PID/FID leak detection equipment
  • Ultrasonic leak detection on N2, compressed air or vacuum lines

These techniques and services enable the maintenance team to focus their efforts on the key critical components. Effective inspection services guarantee fast and safe production startups.