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Smart LDAR – Optical Gas Imaging

Quickly detect the biggest leaking sources, enable fast repair activities and report emission figures.

OGI or Optical Gas Imaging is a screening technique using a very sensitive camera able to visualize gas emissions from a leaking source in an installation. This technique allows a quick scan of a large area or a scan of hard-to-reach sources such as non-accessibles, detecting the most important leaking components.

The OGI technique can be used as a standalone service where we provide ‘leak’ or ‘no-leak’ information. OGI can also be integrated into existing LDAR programs as so-called Smart LDAR programs. In this case, we process the limited information expressed in ‘leak’ or ‘no-leak’ into mass leak information kg per year based on emission factors per source type and sensitivity of the camera. Screenings are compliant to local regulations or customer-specific protocols.