Unpiggable UT Free swimming Inline inspection

To provide a suitable solution for the inspection of non-piggable (unpiggable) pipelines, Intero Integrity Services has developed the Pipeline Surveyor – a highly versatile ultrasonic inspection tool on a mobile platform for use anywhere in the world on short notice.

For maximum flexibility, the system applies a contact-free ultrasonic measuring head that is able to scan the full surface of the pipe wall. Dual diameter, mitered bends, full-bore unbarred tee pieces, and single entry configurations are well within the capabilities of our system and can be inspected utilizing regular, high, and ultra-high resolutions. Our innovative solutions provide insight in unpiggable pipelines ranging from 2” to 64” and located from subsea offshore to remote areas anywhere in the world.

Unpiggable? If we can't do it, no-one can. Intero we know your space.

With over 35 years of experience Intero has specialized in the inspection of the most challenging pipelines previously considered unpiggable. We have the inhouse capabilities to combine all services required to provide an effective solution for any challenge.

Our unique turnkey approach

The inspection of complex, challenging pipelines require multiple disciplines including engineering, mechanical work, cleaning, inspection, commissioning. To avoid subcontractor interfaces between these disciplines and ensure safe, smooth and efficient project execution, Intero provides a unique single contractor turnkey approach. As a result, our services, including, custom pig design, fabrication and engineering, project management, onsite pumping and pigging, subcontracting, ultrasonic inspection, defect and fit for purpose assessment and pipeline integrity management solutions, can all be provided as one integrated package.

Effective solution

The ultrasonic system is based on direct ultrasonic measurement with time of flight (TOF) measurement so that accurate absolute wall thickness data can be gathered. This allows a full overview of any wall-thickness reductions that may impact the pipeline’s integrity. Simultaneously, the centralized set-up of the UT-head allows measurement of the pipeline’s geometry, detecting any deformation (like ovalities, dents and buckles) easily and accurately. This is critical when third-party damage may be applicable.

An on-board IMU (inertial measurement unit) measures the routing of the pipeline. In combination with D-GPS measurements, this allows spot-on XYZ mapping for integration in Pipeline Management systems, and allowing accurate determination of the location of detected defects based on the inspection.

To allow the best possible interpretation, the system stores the raw ultrasonic A-scan data of each measurement. This enables a detailed analysis of defects, allowing re-evaluation and preventing errors due to algorithm induced analysis. The system can be utilized free-swimming as well as tethered using a hair-thin fiber optic umbilical capable of negotiating the most complex pipelines and unlimitless number of bends and fixtures while maintaining a real-time connection. This allows for immediate observation of the inspection and short-term feedback on the results. This means immediate decision-making on-site is possible.

For the inspection of short pipe sections (offtake pipes) without the need for temporary pigging and pumping equipment, Intero Integrity Services has developed a hand-fed, push-pull system which can be applied with minimum downtime and yield results instantly.

Download our paper - Intelligent pigging of 'unpiggable' offshore pipelines

Offshore pipelines are often very challenging pipelines to manage, though certainly not less critical than their onshore counterparts. Small leakages can cause environmental consequences significantly larger than similar situations onshore, while at the same time interventions offshore are a lot more difficult to undertake.

Download our paper - Intelligent pigging of 'unpiggable' offshore pipelines

Service brochure - UT Inline Inspection Services

Intero's Pipeline Surveyor is designed to inspect all difficult pipelines and can provide real-time data during the inspection. Our Pipeline Surveyor can easily inspect dual diameter pipelines, mitered bends, full-bore unbarred tee pieces, wall thickness changes, and single-entry configurations. Our inspection tools are always bi-directional and able to negotiate 1.5D bends, or better. Our UT inspection tools provide high quality, highly accurate integrity data from your pipeline and our experienced field crews provide a comprehensive solution to ensure the integrity of your difficult-to-inspect pipelines.

Service brochure - UT Inline Inspection Services
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