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Compressed air and vacuum leak detection

Reduce energy consumption and minimize maintenance costs.

Compressed air, nitrogen or vacuum leaks are easy to ignore; The noise of the expanding air/N2 is difficult to hear above the background noise from your industrial activity. 20 to 30% of the compressed air, nitrogen or vacuum generated in utility or instrument air networks that are older than 5 years is lost forever.

Ultrasonic device or parabolic sensor

Accurate measurements with special ultrasonic devices provide specific information and a total overview of your energy losses and potential savings. Internal and external leaks can be detected and leaks through welding cracks are revealed.

Using a parabolic sensor, we assess inaccessible sources to identify leaks and energy savings that would normally stay hidden.

At the end of the leak monitoring campaign, we provide you with a detailed advice-driven report with ROI’s and recommendations for further improvements.