We know your space

Formerly A.Hak Industrial Services, we are an agile company with a sizable backing and an enhanced management team dedicated to redefining asset performance. With Intero, you can significantly increase the lifetime and performance of your assets and installations.

We know the inspection and industrial services solutions you need. We know how to analyze and manage your data to insightful effect. And we know what makes your projects run smoother.

In short, we know your space.

Intero Integrity Services

Who we are.

Today’s commercial world has big concerns to address. Staffing and HR issues. Waste reduction. Protecting our natural resources. Corporate social responsibility. The list goes on. And, today more than ever, commercial viability has never played such an important part in the energy industry.

The oil and gas sector has its part to play in this “energy transition” phase. Giving your business the competitive edge relies on the ability to extend the life of your assets, further optimizing your resources and ensuring greater predictability of your operational outcomes. Especially in the key areas of transportation, storage and process installations.

Intero is passionate and committed to helping industry leaders optimize the workable space in these areas.

We utilize insightful techniques with innovative inspections and industrial technologies to ensure you have the best solutions for accurate and reliable data at your disposal, enabling you to reduce project time, risk and cost.

We make it our business to optimize the workable space of your assets, delivering maximum performance, maximum protection and maximum predictability.

What we do.

Using innovative industry solutions and expert knowledge, Intero Integrity Services is proud to bring you the very best services, previously provided by A.Hak Industrial Services, in asset inspection, industrial services and data management, supporting operations in all key energy hubs.

Our service and product offering includes:

Inspection Services

Inline Inspection

Backed by best-in-class R&D programs, sophisticated technology and expert knowledge, Intero is dedicated to a turn key approach to pipeline inspection. We provide in-line inspection of (non-piggable) pipelines and furnaces including quick scans, full assessments, pre-engineering, mechanical works, mechanical and chemical cleaning, gauging, caliper runs, inspection, reporting and consulting. The result is high quality and creative solutions for more reliable inspections and less downtime.

Storage Tank Services

The energy industry is constantly evolving and producers are looking for better efficiencies, not only in their approach to productivity, but also in their ambitions towards commercial and environmental sustainability. From profiling to non-men entry robotic inspections, our Tank Services offer you a full range of worry-free services supported by the latest tools and technologies. Our team of experts will discuss with you the best solution for your tank issue while keeping your tank online and working as long as possible. Regardless of the type of product your tank is in good hands.

Pipeline Integrity Management System (PIMS)

Intero is also pleased to provide a full care package for the integrity of your pipeline. Backed by leading software provider, DMC-1, the specialist tool has created an innovative pipeline management software suite that ensures complete operational efficiency, safety and compliance.

Industrial Services

Nitrogen Services

Intero has one of the largest and most versatile fleets of mobile, self-contained nitrogen pumping and vaporization equipment available. Offering a number of reliable, flexible and cost-effective nitrogen solutions that ensures safety and success for any ongoing project.

Cleaning Services

As global leaders in pipeline and process services for pre-commissioning, commissioning, decommissioning and shutdown stages, cleaning services include mini sandjet / sandjet cleaning, chemical cleaning, mechanical cleaning, decoking technology, air blowing and decontamination.

Pipeline Services

We provide uniquely flexible, cost-effective, integrated solutions to ensure maximum efficiency throughout your installation's life cycle. This includes support throughout all phases of a pipeline’s life including engineering, construction, precommissioning and commissioning, maintenance and operation and decommissioning and abandonment.

Our products and services are backed by exceptional customer service, with full support available across the world, wherever extending the life of assets; resource optimization and better predictability of operations are required.

For more information about any of our products and services contact info@intero-integrity.com.


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