Our values

Our values are important to us...what we believe in, and how we treat each other and our customers/suppliers.

Listening to customers

Understanding comes from listening, carefully. To our customers and each other. It’s key in partnering successfully, so we can get the job done – together.

Listening closely identifies needs, provides clear insights, and helps us understand what’s really important. Leading to perfectly-tailored solutions.

We know your space!

Our ambitions go beyond just being a safe, reliable and responsive global partner. In the field of asset inspection and optimization, we aim to be the industry benchmark – as recognized by customers all over the world.

Striving for Excellence

When we say ‘We get the job done’ we really mean it. In our view it’s about taking the lead, accepting responsibility, and empowering our people to perform. To the highest standard of excellence. Our ‘gold standard’.

We put our investigative skills, innovative spirit and decades of experience to work on every project. Aiming to achieve the minimum downtime and the maximum quality, accuracy and efficiency every time.

Our passion for excellence is evident in everything we do, from our First Time Right attitude to our fierce commitment to safety – both yours and ours.

Believing in Flexibility

We never give up, whatever the challenge, because flexibility is our true nature. To get the job done, our organization is designed to be highly adaptable and extremely efficient. When customer needs or market circumstances change suddenly, we are ready and able to respond. Rapidly. Effectively. Globally.

Delivering the right solution, wherever it’s needed.

There are countless hero stories of Intero people going the extra mile, even flying half way around the world at a moment’s notice. It’s this kind of personal commitment that has earned our firm its world-class reputation. A ‘mission impossible’ team ready to tackle any job – large or small, simple or complex.